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Engaging experts at EU level

How the EU’s Research & Innovation DG used Synthetron online dialogues to consult and engage experts across Europe in the development of a EU policy framework on biodiversity.


To inform the EU policy framework on biodiversity, the European Union’s Research and Innovation DG, in cooperation with the European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy (EPBRS) wished to mobilize knowledge holders and providers, policy makers, performers and market players, users and society in general – local, regional, national, European and global level to participate in a multi-player consultation.


4 Synthetron online crowdsourcing sessions were held with experts in Biodiversity throughout Europe on the following topics “improved risk management and resilience”, “restoration of degraded ecosystems”, “climate change adaptation and mitigation” and “sustainable urbanization“.


The outcome of the Synthetron sessions contributed to the development of a comprehensive EU policy framework on biodiversity for research and innovation to solutions.