Engaging staff during merger process

How Synthetron supported the smooth merger of two banks by engaging valuable staff.


In the merger of two private banks, management was afraid of losing valuable members of one company’s sales force.


The management decided to listen to the sales force, engaging them in a series of interactive discussions using Synthetron methodology.
In a first step, two different Synthetron discussions were held to listen to the salesforce, identify their level of alignment to the merger vision, their fears, the potential bottlenecks, their hopes and suggestions.
This first outcome helped management to take difficult decisions and to give feedback.
A few months later another Synthetron discussion focused on re-assessing the level of alignment and engaging participants in identifying key success factors and actions on which to focus.


The process helped management take difficult decisions, give feedback and generated valuable insights on the level of support for the decisions taken and the way to manage the implementation successfully.