Hear what citizens have to say in Synthetron online dialogues

Mobilising young adults on the future of their region

How the Flemish government mobilised 200 young adults to give their fresh views on the future of Flanders via a Synthetron brainstrom


Because the future of Flanders is going to be built for and by the younger generations, the Flemish government found it important to involve this specific stakeholder group in the making of the social economic plan for the 2020 Vlaanderen in Actie .


Around 200 young men and women aged 22-30 years participated in a Synthetron brainstorm to discuss various themes (talent, mobility, international perspective and innovation), giving their fresh views on the future and a clear sense of priorities.


The fresh views and priorities identified by the participants were an important contribution to a forum of «captains of society », which took place in Dec. 2008 in Brussels.