Engaging stakeholders in IT project roll out

How Synthetron helped engage all stakeholders in an IT project roll out process. To facilitate its implementation.


An organization needed to launch a major new IT project that required key stakeholders engagement.


A set of systematic online Synthetron discussion of the plan with different stakeholders before the launch and during the implementation.
Before launch a first session was set up with local management to understand what would make them real change agents. Despite the all faced the same change and came from the same MO, their in-going position was very different.
During implementation Synthetron sessions were organized to conduct a series of review with different stakeholder segments: management, implementation team and floor.


The first round of discussion with local management uncovered that, despite the fact that they all faced the same change and came from the same MO, their in going position was very different. Understanding this helped the change team engage all as change agents with a specific adapted approach.
The reviews with different stakeholder segments not only increased engagement of participants, but gave the PMO and change team clear insight in issues and levers on how to improve and accelerate the roll out.