Getting everyone for the new strategy

How a major electronics manufacturer used Synthetron to engage employees on a new strategy.


A major electronics manufacturer was about to have a significant new strategy launch. They wanted to engage employees to bring it to life in the organisation. But it’s not always easy to create a fair way for everybody to have their say. Traditional cascade systems and town hall meetings can mean many people aren’t heard. So they decided to use Synthetron instead.


We organized 3 Synthetron online dialogue sessions on the same day with a total of 600 employees.
For each session, employees listened first to a webinar explaining the ideas. Then they had their online discussion.
After this session, the CEO came back online to thank them for their participation and tell them when to expect feedback.
In total, more than 2500 comments were gathered through the Synthetron.


Synthetron analysed all the sessions afterwards to deliver key conclusions on employees’ hesitations and accelerators to the client.

The Synthetron sessions identified practical aspects of the strategy that were important to employees on the factory floor or in the distribution chain. Gathering these points of view built engagement as well as provided valuable data.

This enabled the management to adapt the strategy and set targets which they knew were supported by staff.