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Collecting in-depth feedback from customers

How the General communications regulator for Ireland collected in-depth feedback about the impact of the postal market liberalisation on customers.


Comreg is the general Communications regulator for Ireland, covering almost all possible types of communications. In this capacity, it acts as the National Regulatory Authority for the Postal Sector in Ireland. John Hearn, Comreg’s Manager for Postal Liberalisation initially conducted a series of “physical” conferences to collect feedback about the impact of the postal market liberalisation.
He wanted however to collect additional insights to fully understand what benefits might be expected for all types of customers of postal services in Ireland, after the full opening of the Irish postal market due by the end of 2010.


Synthetron solution was used to engage both the service providers and the representatives of customers in a different way through a single cyber-discussion.
The script for the online debate on “Understanding and ensuring the benefits to all consumers from a competitive postal market” was developed by Paul R. Kleindorfer, Distinguished Research Professor, INSEAD, an expert in the field of postal deregulation. Prof. Kleindorfer also facilitated the debate among the conference participants and wrote the report documenting on the outcome of the Synthetron session.


Synthetron enabled to collect feedback in a very efficient way. Indeed, holding a conventional type of meeting is time consuming for both Comreg and the participants. The need to spend at least half a day at such symposium, plus the travelling time inevitably restricts the participation of many stakeholders; especially those who live some distance from the venue.
Also, the Synthetron dialogues ensured that every participant got the opportunity to make his/her point.