Addressing diversity to improve retention

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How a top league consultancy used Synthetron to address diversity and improve female consultants’ retention


A top league consultancy was concerned about the high staff turnover of its female consultants and felt they did not adequately address diversity.


Two Synthetron sessions – one for male employees and one for females – focused on identifying reasons for joining the company, motivators, tension points and when and how tension points became breaking points.


The outcome demonstrated that both groups had distinct sets of motivation and retention factors.
This output has allowed the organisation to differentiate its policy towards the two groups

Fair play and diversity

Let members have their say about their membership in a Synthetron online dialogue

How Synthetron was used to make progress on Inclusion and Diversity


Now that she was in the second week of the job as Inclusion and Diversity manager she was beginning to realise just how hard it was going to be to make this work. Not only was there a split at board level between those who understood the importance of this and those who thought it quite unnecessary, but it was also proving difficult to find out what people really thought. She’d seen those meetings where nobody dared speak up, or they all hid behind political correctness. She wanted to get to the real story so she could see how to move forward.

Then she heard how they’d used a platform called Synthetron in another part of the business and decided to investigate if it could help her too.


We set up 10 online discussions with more than 500 people in the organization.


Two months and ten discussions later the story unfolded before her. Based on what real people in the organisation – over 500 of them – really thought. What they shared about their experiences when they knew they could do that safely.
There was a lot of work to do but she had a much clearer sense of where they stood. And what the Inclusion & Diversity journey was going to look like. She had discovered some hazards to be avoided and some great ideas to be spread across the organisation. A surprising insight had been that fairness was something everybody agreed with. It meant much more to everybody than I&D and avoided a lot of the pushback she had seen in some of the conversations. She had a word to move forward with and a way of measuring progress thanks to the classification data of everyone who participated according to how aware, willing and able they were of the issues at stake.

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