Involving >1000 customers in co-creation

Listen to employees with Synthetron online dialogues

How an Italian multipartner loyalty program involved its customers in co-creating new initiatives with the biggest ever virtual focus group.
“Synthetron has proved to be extremely effective in listening to our customers and in getting feedback and new ideas from them. I would have never imagined to collect so many insights in real time, directly from our customers in just 60 minutes!”
Bruno Coletta (Head of Marketing & CRM, PAYBACK Italy)


PAYBACK is a multipartner loyalty Program active in Italy since 2014. With its 12 million consumers and 80+ partner is the largest Italian consumer loyalty Program with a very active CRM program.
The marketing team wanted to identify new insights for new initiatives and to improve the user experience and was looking for a way to actively involved their customers in this.


The team came across Synthetron online dialogues and decided to use this innovative form of virtual focus group to actively involve their customers, listen to the ideas and suggestions and co-create with them new initiatives.

The Synthetron Italian team organized one session with 1300 customers – the biggest (virtual) focus group ever! – and carried out an in-depth analysis of the results.


  • The discussion enabled the Marketing team to validate quantitatively some of the actions already in their pipeline and to identify other new initiatives to put in place.
  • The discussion also confirmed the relationship and the expectations clients have towards the Program – not just from a rationale / features point of view, but also from a more insightful perspective.
  • And, last but not least, consumers really appreciated the Program’s willingness to listen to their thoughts:
      “I appreciated the possibility of giving advice to improve the program”
      “I enjoyed to be able to express my ideas and see what others think about it”
      “I like being an important part of business decisions”

Reinventing the membership relationship

How an industry body extended the relationship with its members through a new crowdsourced way of working with members


An industry body ran regular large scale conferences with members but felt it needed to update the offer.


They used Synthetron before the conference to build engagement and ensure relevance and after to embed the learnings and actions of the conference, share ideas to overcome barriers to implementing new ideas.


The approach kept the industry body top of mind for much longer, gave them valuable insights and allowed them to demonstrate contemporary value via this new, more crowdsourced way of working with members.

Engaging members on hot topic

How an automobile association engaged its members on a controversial road tax reform to advise the government using Synthetron online dialogues


The ANWB – the Dutch national automobile association – needed a clear and complete image of what its members‘ opinions were on a controversial proposed law, in order to advise the government.
Following a quantitative questionnaire, more qualitative research  and engagement of members was necessary.


All ANWB members were invited to participate to one of 7 real-time Synthetron sessions, spread over 3 days. In total, 6000 people participated. They discussed all 7 parts of the proposed law, through carefully designed scripts that served as the basis for the discussion.


Within two weeks,  Synthetron inventorised, classified and analysed the ideas, opinions, insights and feelings of those 6000 participants on one of the most delicate political topics at that time.

The final advice reflected an overall image as well as an insight into the 7 different aspects of the law. The results were presented by the head of the Association in  a public press conference.

Media, parliament and stakeholders systematically referred to the report in the following months. The automobile association  gained much credit publicly and from its members for having involved  members on a large scale in such an innovative way.

The results were combined with the results of the quantitative questionnaire, and were presented to the national government, which helped them in reaching a decision on road pricing.

“Synthetron helped us in a very professional way to reach more than 6000 members in online conversations on the key issues of the ‘car tax proposal’. Our members were happy as they found it easy and engaging to participate. And for us, getting a collaborative filtered outcome on such a large scale made the process very efficient and transparent. We got deep insight into what our members think, feel and why, on the different policy issues. The excellent report enabled us to bring balanced and motivated advice to the government with co-created stakeholder support.”

Guido Van Woerkom, President & CEO ANWB