The value of Positive Behaviour

The value of Positive Behaviour


On August 11th, a Synthetron session was held together with Sequoia, our partners in Singapore and their partners Anima Convivência ProdutivaHigh Peaks Group and Real world group.
The session was held on the value of positive behaviour, moreover the effects it can have on workplace behaviour.
The synthetron study was part of a larger study into the value of positive behaviour. Here are some of the results:

A regionally well-spread group of 59 corporate leaders participated in the one-hour crowdsourcing session on theme of Value of Positive Behavior (“VPB”). Participants were consultants, executives and leaders from the private and public sectors.

Positive behavior is defined as the actions that create a positive working environment and/or enabling others to work more effectively through what we say or do. Participants indicated that they highly valued the aspect of trust and authentic interactions. They shared their experiences and quoted the following positive behavior which mattered the most to them:

  • listening
  • nurturing individuals’ strength
  • being proactive, motivating and supportive to fellow colleagues
  • expressing appreciation and positivity verbally and non-verbally (i.e. smile, eye contact, saying thanks and please)

Participants greatly recognised the importance of positive workplace behavior (with 73% of participants rating it as ‘very important’ and 23% of ‘rather important’).

During the discussion, barriers to positive behaviour (PB) , metrics of PB, key enablers of PB and the importance of PB were found. These are shown in the table beneath.


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What does Synthetron do?

What does Synthetron do?


We know that decision makers in organisations don’t want to miss out on the important insights they need to move forward. We engage the people that matter in crowdsourcing online dialogues to discover their winning ideas.



Traditional methods never seem to capture the range of emotions, frustrations thoughts and opinions of people. And if they do, they are time consuming, slow, and often only represent a small part of the target population.

Using our bottom-up online, anonymous discussion platform, Synthetron harvests the opinions and ideas of the group and helps you understand the implications for your organisation.


We believe in these underpinning ideas

  • Smart generative listening goes far deeper than just measuring people through surveys. We focus the dialogue on what matters most with tried and tested triggering questions. We have a passion for engaging people in order to connect ideas and tap into the collective wisdom.
  • Authentic conversations avoid groupthink and motivate participants to share ideas anonymously. They focus on what is said not who said them so the integrity of ideas is uncontaminated by politics and peer pressure
  • The wisdom of the crowd has the capacity to generate, evaluate and filter out the most important ideas – facilitated by our evolutionary crowdsourcing system
  • We love to discover actionable meaning from the data by rigorously analysing what people talk about, how they express themselves and where there is energy or resistance. Our report includes a “So what?” table and communication guidelines to trigger or accelerate change.

Get in touch to take part in an open session and find it out for yourself how easy it can be to discover how people are thinking.