Synthetron Change Tracker. The perfect product for your change process

Synthetron Change Tracker

Change Tracker

When you’re going through a major change process, you need to know how it’s going and how to progress

Why use Change Tracker

Business is dynamic and Synthetron Change Tracker help you stay ahead of the change game.

Synthetron Change Tracker

In our anonymous, safe space, find out what employees really think and feel – along with their best ideas. Discover:

  • Change readiness (we have benchmarks)
  • The case for change (and need!)
  • Their change capability

Use smart listening to the people to compare progress in different departments or territories. Now you can go into every major meeting forewarned of likely hopes and fears, understanding what motivates your people.


When to use Change Tracker

It makes sense to test the water with your employees at these moments in your change process. Know what is bubbling under the surface before it becomes a major issue, and harvest the best ideas, knowing that they are already supported by the organisation.

4 moments to run Change Tracker 

  1. Just after the announcement of a change program (prepare)
  2. At the beginning of a change program (identify blockers)
  3. During a change program (improve communications and accelerate progress)
  4. At the end of the change program (assess the overall impact, capture lessons learned)

Fast results

You will get the quick report within 24 hours telling you:

  • Top five motivators for change from staff viewpoint
  • Top five concerns and fears about the change
  • Top five actions staff recommend to support change process

Within a week we can also share with you

  • Deep insights: thematic analysis of key concerns
  • Actionable “So What?”
  • Differences by segment
  • Change Force Analysis
  • State of mind profile and implications
  • Communications recommendations